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Right-Mind and Wrong-Mind

Image result for good and bad    Once upon a time there were two friends in a small village named Dharmabuddhi (Virtuous-Mind or Right-Mind) and Papabuddhi (Wicked-Mind or Wrong-Mind). One day, the wicked of the two, Papabuddhi, thought to himself that he was poor and lacked the knowledge to earn for himself. He thought of taking Dharmabuddhi to another kingdom and use his skills to make money. 
He thought, "If I can deprive him of all the earnings, I can have all the money for myself and live happily" 
After some time, he met Dharmabuddhi, "My friend, we need to earn money to provide for ourselves when we grow old. Let us travel to some other kingdom to earn money. Besides, unless we travel to far-off kingdoms, we will not have any stories to tell our grand children!" 
Dharmabuddhi agreed to his plan, and took the blessings of his parents and teachers to travel to a distant kingdom. 
On an auspicious day, they began their journey. 
The two of them made a lot of money due to Dharmabuddhi's skills and knowledge. After some time, pleased with their earnings, they planned to return home. 
 On their way to their home, as they approached their village, Papabuddhi said to Dharmabuddhi, "Friend, It will be improper for us to carry so much money home as all our friends and relatives will start requesting us money. Besides, there is danger of theft." 
He said, "Let us bury the money in the jungle, where nobody will find it, after taking only a nominal amount for our needs. Whenever we need some money, we can come back together and dig it out". 
Without doubting his intentions, Dharmabuddhi agreed. They buried most of the money beneath a tree and returned home with only a handful of money. 
Few days later, Papabuddhi, wrong-minded as he was, went to the jungle alone in the dead of the night. He uncovered all the money they had buried together, took out all the money, and closed the pit as it was before. He returned back home with all the money, and hid it. 
After a few days, pretending that nothing has happened, he went to meet Dharmabuddhi, "Friend, I have a large family and the money I had come with - have been spent already. Let us go together to the place we have buried our money to fetch some more." 
Dharmabuddhi agreed and together they went to the place they had buried their money, and dug up the pit. But they found the money was not there. 
Papabuddhi started beating his head, and blamed Dharmabuddhi, "It is you no doubt. Nobody else knew where we have buried the money. You have stolen all the money for yourself. If you do not give me my half of the money, I shall go and complain to the village elders for justice." 
Taken aback, Dharmabuddhi protested, "I have committed no such theft. Don't put the blame on me, as I am a virtuous man". 
And so, they started quarrelling, and visited the village elders for justice. The elders asked them to pledge before the Fire-God to find the truth. 
Papabuddhi suggested, "Before pledging before the Fire-God, we can request the spirit of the tree to stand witness. It was in front of a big tree that we had buried all the money; and it may be able to reveal to us who the thief is". 
The judges agreed, "We shall go the jungle together, and request the spirit of the tree to reveal the truth to us. If that fails, we will take pledge before the Fire-God." 
Papabuddhi immediately went home to his father, "I have stolen a huge amount of money from Dharmabuddhi, and we have taken the matter to the village elders. Your co-operation will save me and put the blame on Dharmabuddhi. Otherwise, I shall not only lose the money but face the risk of losing my life for stealing". 
His father said, "My son, tell me how I can help you so you don't have to part from the money". 
Papabuddhi explained, "There is a huge hollow inside the big tree where we had buried the money. You have to get inside the hollow before morning. When all of us go to the jungle as request the spirit of the tree to reveal the truth, you have to shout from inside that Dharmabuddhi is the real thief. I can handle the rest." 
As agreed, his father went to the jungle and hid himself in the hollow of the tree early next morning. 
After some time, accompanied by the elders of the village, both Dharmabuddhi and Papabuddhi led themselves to the huge tree where they had buried their money. 
Papabuddhi asked in a loud voice, "O spirit of the tree. Please tell us who the thief is, as we have a confrontation and the village elders have come to seek the truth." 
Immediately, Papabuddhi's father replied from inside the hollow of the tree, "Listen all who seek the truth. Dharmabuddhi is the thief, who has stolen all the money." 
The village elders were wonderstruck. They could not deny that the spirit of the tree had indeed revealed the truth. They immediately started discussing amongst themselves how they should punish for Dharmabuddhi's guilt. 
Meanwhile, when Dharmabuddhi heard the spirit of tree speak such, he became sure that there must be something wrong. The spirit of the tree, if it was so, is telling untruth. That is not possible. Having seen the hollow of the tree, he put a heap of dried leaves and grass in front of the hollow of the tree and set fire to it. 
When the fire started flaring up, Papabuddhi's father could not bear the heat and the smoke inside the hollow any longer. He came out, with burns in his body, crying for pity. 
The village elders were surprised to find him coming outside from the hollow of the tree, "What were you doing here? And what has happened to you?" 
He at once confessed his part, and explained the village elders what his son had done. 
Thus, the village elders came to know of the truth, and decided to punish Papabuddhi for his guilt for theft, to blame it on Dharmabuddhi and misleading the village elders. 
They decided to hang Papabuddhi on the very same tree, and praised Dharmabuddhi for his wit. 

The Fall and Rise of a Merchant

In a city called Vardhamana, lived a very efficient and prosperous merchant. 

The king was aware of his abilities, and therefore made him the administrator of the kingdom. 
With his efficient and intelligent ways, he kept common man very happy, and at the same time he impressed the king on the other side. Such a person, who can keep everybody happy, is rarely found. 
Later, there came a time that the merchant's daughter was getting married. He arranged for a lavish reception. 
The merchant not only invited the king and the queen, who obliged by attending, but he also invited the entire royal household and all respected people of the kingdom. 

During the reception, he ensured to provide his guests with the best of treatments. He gave out gifts to guests to show them respect for attending to his invitation. 
A servant of the royal household, who used to sweep the palace, was not invited but attended the reception. 
He took a seat which was reserved for royal nobles, not meant for common invitees. 
This made the merchant very angry. He caught him by the neck and ordered his servants to have him thrown out. 
The royal servant felt very insulted, and could not sleep all night. He thought, "If I can have the king to disfavour this merchant, I will have my revenge. But what can I, a common fellow, do to harm a powerful person as him". Thinking such, he suddenly had a plan. 
Several days later, the servant was sweeping the floor near the king's bed early in the morning. He observed that that the king was still in bed, half awake. The servant started mumbling, "Good heavens! The merchant has become so carefree now that he dared to embrace the queen!" 
When the king heard this lying in his bed, he jumped up and asked the servant, "Is it true? Have you seen the merchant embrace my queen yourself?" 
The servant at once fell at the king's feet, "O Master, I was gambling all night. I feel drowsy for I didn't sleep last night. I don't know what I have been mumbling, but I said anything improper, please forgive me." 
The king spoke no more, but the servant knew he had sowed the seed of distrust. The king thought, "It can be true! The servant moves about the palace freely, and so does the merchant. It is possible that the servant has seen something." 
The king was troubled with jealousy. From that day onwards, he withdrew his favours from the merchant and even forbade him to enter the palace. 
One day, when the merchant was entering the gateway to the palace, he was stopped by the guards. The merchant was surprised due to this sudden change in the king's attitude. 
The servant was nearby, and mocking shouted at the guards, "Ho Guards! That merchant is favoured by the king. He is a powerful person. He can have people arrested or released or even thrown out, just like he had me thrown out of his daughter's reception. Beware, for you may suffer the same fate." 
On hearing this, the merchant understood that the servant has caused all this trouble somehow. He felt dejected, and returned home upset over the incident. 
 He gave everything a second thought, and then he invited the royal servant to his house. He treated the servant with utmost respect, and flattered him with gifts and garments. He said kindly, "O friend, that day I did not have you thrown out due to anger, but it was improper of you to occupy the seat reserved for the royal nobles. They felt insulted, and out of compulsion I had to throw you out. Please forgive me." 
The servant was already flattered with all the gifts, and he was full of joy, "Sir, I forgive you. You have not only expressed your regrets, but also honoured me with utmost respect". 
He ensured the merchant, "I will prove you how clever I am. I will have the king favourable towards you, like he was before". The servant went back home. 
Early next morning, when he started sweeping the floors of the palace, he waited till when the king was lying half-awake. 
When the opportunity came, he started sweeping around his bed and started mumbling, "Our king is crazy, he eats cucumber in the lavatory!" 
On hearing this, the king was taken aback. He got up angrily and shouted at the servant, "What nonsense do you talk about? Had you not been by royal servant, I would have punished you dearly. Have you ever seen me doing such thing yourself?" 
Once again the servant fell on his knees and prayed, "O Master, please forgive me if I said something improper. I was gambling all last night and didn't sleep. I feel drowsy and I don't know what I have been mumbling." 
The king thought to himself, "I have never eaten a cucumber in the lavatory. What he mumbled about me is ridiculously false. Surely then, what he mumbled about my trusted merchant the other morning must have been ridiculously false too. It was improper of me to mistreat the merchant." 
He wondered, "After all he has been so efficient in the whole administrative system, that without him it has become slack." 
Thus, having considered carefully, the king invited the merchant to the palace and flattered him with gifts, jewels and garments. He re-appointed the merchant to his previously held position, and favoured his services as before. 
The wise indeed say:

The Jackal and the Drum

One day, a jackal called Gomaya was very hungry, and was wandering about in search of food. 

After some time, he wandered out of the jungle he lived in, and reached a deserted battlefield. 

In this deserted battlefield, a battle was fought recently. The fighting armies had left behind a drum, which was lying near a tree. 

As strong winds blew, the branches of the tree got rubbed against the drum. This made a strange noise. 

When the jackal heard this sound, he got very frightened and thought of running away, "If I cannot flee from here before I am seen by the person making all this noise, I will be in trouble".

 As he was about to run away, he had a second thought. "It is unwise to run away from something without knowing. Instead, I must be careful in finding out the source of this noise". 

He took the courage to creep forward cautiously. When he saw the drum, he realized that it was only the wind that was causing all the noise. 

He continued his search for food, and near the drum he found sufficient food and water.